A New Beginning

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, everyone calls me Katie and quite frankly if you called out to me by saying Kaitlyn it wouldn’t even catch my attention. 

I am 24 years old and have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I want to remember and keep track of. I consider myself an entrepreneur and a future farmer.

I am currently living in Illinois with my fiance, Justin, and we’re set to be married in March. 

I am legally blind in my right eye and visually impaired in my left. Currently on the hunt for what makes me happy and whole. Since 2016 I’ve been working towards the publication of my first children’s book, more on that later. I have also just finishing up my first fundraiser for rare eye diseases… I helped raise $2,151!

Starting this blog means to me that I am going to help myself. I used to write constantly and in recent years writing escaped me. I am slowly climbing out of the hole I once lived in and trying to find myself again. The Katie I knew before life turned sour was giggly and optimistic. For the past 3 years I am still that girl but just very muted.

I will be talking about everything from my books journey, my vision and the struggle I face with my eyes, my love for antiques, my fiance and I’s wedding plans, and probably a lot about thrift stores and T.J. Maxx. Please be patient with me as I find my voice and direction.

As Christmas celebrations close out and the New Year approaches I am suddenly reminded of all those dreaded New Years resolutions that I set and didn’t accomplish. Isn’t it funny how one day a year everyone sets goals and then life goes back to the same old routine and that’s it? You never think about the resolutions again. They get dusted under the table until finally another year has passed and you realize that yet again you didn’t accomplish your goals…

But wait? I accomplished a lot this year and I feel really good about where I ended up. How can one day a year make me feel so bad about myself when in reality I have overcome so much!?

This year I decided I won’t be setting any resolutions nor do I think I ever will again. I set goals and accomplish them all the time throughout the year, in fact my goals are always fluid and changing.  New Year’s Eve for me is going to turn into a day of reflection and remembrance. Instead of forgetting all I’ve experienced I will choose to embrace it and feel it all one last time before releasing it out to make room for new.

If you have a hard time breaking down your own walls, there are a bunch of tips and tricks I want to share to make it easier to be self reflective.

First and foremost….

– Put your phone down and turn off the TV

(No one can ever think when they are distracted!)


– Find music that allows you to enter into a different time. 

(For me I listen to a lot of Mildred Bailey or soft jazz)


– Be in your comfiest clothes and set the scene where you are

(I enjoy wearing over sized sweaters and turning on my Christmas lights strung around the room)

Now that you’ve prepared your mind, body, and space, it’s time to allow yourself to remember.

It’s easy now a days to push pain or sadness away quickly. We have a lot distracting us, but when you’re still and opening the air up to let in emotion you’ll find that you suddenly become overwhelmed and want to shut it all off again.

My advice in that moment is to just breathe. Find a comfort, whether its a stuffed animal or a pillow, and let the emotion flow. Then when you feel the release and the pressure begins to slightly lift, ask yourself “why”. You’ll find that most of the time as you begin asking why the emotion will come back and that’s okay. Let it in, let it out, then think… why is this effecting me the way it is?

Soon enough you will feel the answer was with you all along, if you still feel like you have unanswered questions you can always talk it out with a friend. In my case I tend to always have a “light bulb” moment where everything clicks and I can release the energy I’ve been ignoring.

Be kind to yourself always. Allow yourself space and time to heal from the pain of life.

Show yourself love, remember to breathe, and never take defeat as an option. 

Self reflection and learning about the deeper you is hard at first. Over time you’ll understand more and more about how you work. The goal of reflection is to release negative energy and figure out your behaviors. My favorite thing about living is that I get to study myself everyday. Understanding how I work and what makes me tick only deepens my ability to share with others. Don’t be afraid of yourself, never stop searching for answers, and give your soul a break from carrying such heavy bags.

Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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