My Struggle with Publishing – Part 2

It is almost February as I write this (January 30th) and I am feeling very overwhelmed. 

If I am honest, I am excited and ready to tackle the publishing of my book…. is what I would say if I was always optimistic and happy, like people tend to think I am. In reality I am afraid. Navigating this on my own is terrifying. For once in my life I will have to take ownership if my book is a success or a flop.

Given that the entire process for my book has been pretty easy for me from writing to finding an illustrator and funding, I should feel confident right? Well for now I feel uncertain. Not because I don’t believe in my book, but because I have never done this before.

God gave me the courage and words for this book. I trust in God. I know this book will be great regardless of the number of people I reach.

Today I will be reaching out to more publishing companies and trying to get a very in depth understanding as to my next step. I’m confident with more prayer and some connections via LinkedIn I will get the job done!

I will keep you all posted on how this next stage goes, it feels important that I document all of this. I am going to post on YouTube everyday, as well as try to blog the deeper side of things here. I’m hopeful one day in a few months I’ll be writing a glorious blog about the steps I took to get published and in stores!

This right here! This is the first book I read and fell in love with. I have found a crazy amount of inspiration from Ree Drummond, she is one of the main reasons I started taking writing seriously.

If there is one thing I want to get accomplished this season of life… I want to get close to my favorite author, Ree Drummond. She is my idol and I would love to just pick her brain! Gary V posted a video the other day about how if there is any advice he can give, it is that you work for the person you strive to be like, for free. So here is to hoping emails, dms, and reaching out allows me to talk with her one day.

For now follow along as I panic on paper. 

If you have advice or any tips on publishing I’d love to hear about it!

Email me at

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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