My Struggle with Publishing – Part 3

So far this week I have been feeling so great! All the fear I had last week somehow melted away and has begun disappearing into a new found confidence.

Not only have I had a break through with my publishing journey, but I also have had a personal break through!!!

So for those in the publishing world or venturing into it now, you know that the options are endless and overwhelming. Ideally I wanted to be with a Christian company, so my search was narrowed a little. Second thing I was looking for was that I found a company who wasn’t going to be running me into the dirt by giving me only penny’s to the dollar.

For the sake of not bashing any companies out there, I will only bring your attention to the company I am deciding to move forward with!

Drum roll please…….

Elm Hill Publishing – a subsidiary to Harper Collins!!

Ya I know, why didn’t I pick it sooner!?

Well it’s all because I wanted to be absolutely sure that this was the company for me.

Not only do they offer a great return on investment, but they also will be giving me the Harper Collins seal on my books to make me that much more official! Yea crazy right!?

I am working with Brian Martindale who is the Director of Marketing for Elm Hill, and let me tell you that he has been nothing but helpful! He answers all my questions and goes very in depth with everything is.

Any who, this week has felt like a huge success compared to last week! SO much of this journey is ups and downs and although it gets hard sometimes, I love it!!!

In my next post I will be highlighting the contract process and how working with Elm Hill is.

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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