My Struggle with Publishing – Part 4

Gosh do contracts suck!

I have never been a big reader even before my eyes got bad. I am just hoping that my read through of the contract I am signing with Elm Hill is enough.

Do you ever think about having an actual lawyer read over documents? I used to work for a Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama and I learned from working with them, that contracts are used to confuse people.

I’m praying to God that I’m not too naive about this whole contract process… or that I regret signing with Elm Hill!

Today, February 13th, 2019 I am submitting my official payment to them to start the publishing process. I believe by Monday I should have a call to start getting things aligned and moving forward!

It’s really crazy to think that I’m finally here. It’s been years in the making. I am baffled by the stress and the time I needed to spend just being still. For me, patience has never been easy. I am always a jump right in…. get it done now type of person!

But as you can assume, with writing and now publishing a book you do things in stages and you do them slowly!

I am still waiting for my illustrations to officially be done, but I am not waiting to start the publishing process until then.

Now all I have left to do is let these people do their jobs. My place in the process is to stand up for what I want and make my voice heard.

My next blog should be the conversation I had with Elm Hill about starting down the publishing road.

Tonight I’m going to cheers myself and note these big moments! I can’t believe this is really happening you guys.

This could be the day I look back on in 1 year and realize I made the best decision of my life.

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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