My Struggle with Publishing – Part 5

Happy Monday everyone!

The good news today is that I have a production call scheduled with Elm Hill for Wednesday of this week. I am excited to get the ball rolling, however I am on the struggle bus today.

I am officially submitting my manuscript to the team at Elm Hill and as I went through the final editing with Justin yesterday, doubts just kept running through my head.

“Is this even a good book?” “What is no one reads it?” “Does any of this even make sense?” “What if parents think I’m sharing the wrong message?” “Should I go into more detail about the actual growing of the plant?”

Yea, I sound like a crazy person! But this is real and I am terrified. I have never been this close to something. It’s impossible not to freak out when you want it to be perfect.

The great thing though, is that God doesn’t promise me perfection. In fact He knows I am not perfect and with His love in my heart I can find peace knowing that this story will be perfect even if it isn’t perfect to everyone!

I am not afraid to freak out or let myself feel certain emotions… and you shouldn’t either! It’s okay to feel although you may believe it’s not.

Trust me on this one… it’s better to feel things as they come then to dig through past emotions in 20 years.

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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