This isn’t a travel blog!

Shocking that my first Justin and Katie travel blog isn’t a travel related but instead…. marriage related!!!

That’s right!!!!!!!! AHHHH

Friday February 15th, 2019 we went to the Lake County Illinois court house to get our marriage license and boy oh boy was it a blast.

We started our journey at 5:00 pm. Thankfully since I have bad eyes and don’t drive Justin and I car pool everyday. I work in Lincolnshire and he works in Vernon Hills so for us it’s easy. Only 10-15 minutes away from each other!! Anyways Justin picks me up from work and we make the 20 minute drive from Lincolnshire to Waukegan.

As we’re exiting the interstate, your girl here gets a massive nose bleed! I have a pool of blood collecting in the palm of my hand, and a leaky blood faucet for a nose. Justin carefully maneuvers his long arms across my lap to get my purse and find my tissues.

I start sopping up the blood and at this point I now have dried blood all over my hands… great look going into a court house right! I try using hand sanitizer a couple times before leaving the car to go inside, but all it did was make my hands feel sticky and gross!!!

Right away we arrive and start filling out our paperwork. When we get moved to the next stage of paperwork I run to the bathroom and wash my hands thoroughly.

Overall the process for getting a marriage license in Illinois was easy. We filled out two sheets of paper, finished the second round of paperwork with someone…. then discovered something crazy.

Justin, his entire life, spelled his last name VanderMeer or Vandermeer. However, when his family came over from the dutch motherland, they spelled it Van Der Meer. BUT!!! His dad and mom decided to spell the last name Vander Meer….

Yea you see what I’m getting at! On Justin’s birth certificate it’s Vander Meer on all his personal documents it’s Vandermeer. Justin now has to decide to either change is name or get all his documents to reflect his birth certificate.

I never knew it could be that big of a deal to have your last named be considered not the right name just because of a space!!!!

Long story short, make sure you don’t mess with your name too much or you could get in trouble lol!

I’m excited to marry Justin in three weeks! It’s going to be a beautiful day and regardless of last name spellings or nose bleeds, he’s my person and I love him so much!!!!

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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