Dollar General Fall Decor

I’m all about a good bargain. That’s why when I shop for anything it’s always at discount stores, clearance sections, thrift stores, or antique shops.

Today after a couple days of feeling run down and sick, I got the bug to find some fall decorations after Marshall’s didn’t have anything too exciting.

Justin and I drove to the closest Dollar General and behold two full isles of seasonal decor!

My first find is this beautiful metal white pumpkin basket ($5) and a beautiful little hello fall wooden sign ($5). These two items are perfect for a front porch… mine are displayed next to my fireplace since we currently live in an apartment.

This next metal sign ($4) goes perfectly with my overall feel for decorations I keep out year round… being a pick up truck! I currently have a blue truck wax warmer that I keep out year round and this little blue truck wall sign goes perfectly with it.

My favorite buy from today is this pretty circle grateful sign ($4). It goes wonderfully with my mantle. Also pictures is two light bulbs I bought at Hobby Lobby, a thrift store cowboy boot salt shaker, and a recent figurine gift I got for releasing my children’s book!

Last but not least is a matching blue truck kitchen towel ($1) pictured with my blue truck wax warmer!

Overall I spend around $50 because I also bought a bunch of Christmas decor and a new planter for some sunflowers. I’m so happy I got some beautiful fall decorations from Dollar General because overall I think I ended up with items I love rather than getting items I sorta appreciate from other stores.

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