Is the Sony Alpha 7ii worth buying?

For years now my family has expressed over and over how great they think I would be as a photographer. I used to ask every year for a professional camera and would end up with simple point and click cameras that never captures photos quite like I wanted.

Now before I get into my Sony Alpha 7ii photos let me show you some examples of pictures I took just using my iPhone through the years.

The Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Hiking with Justin
Ocean Drive in New Port, Rhode Island at Sunset

Now these are just a few of the pictures I would take and let me tell you phones have come a long way. Today you will find people buying the newest iPhone to suffice for their photos… however as I’m not interested right now in continuing to use my phone for my photography needs.

Justin and I planned ahead this Christmas season and realized that if we asked for Amazon gift cards we could likely end up with enough money to buy our first professional camera!

Christmas 2019

As Christmas came and went, we were thrilled to have more than enough to buy a camera. However, now we needed to research so we didn’t end up buying a camera that we didn’t love.

Our first camera purchase was a bust. It was a Canon mark 6 and the one we were sent was faulty. The camera would freeze after 5 minutes of shooting so we sent it back.

Now at this time it is January 2020 and we decided back around the end of November we would be taking a trip to Charlotte, NC in February. You see our plan has been for awhile now that we want to move and after a year of deliberating locations, countless research, and discussions we settled on visiting North Carolina in hopes we’d fall in love and take a leap into settling down finally!

If you’re not familiar with Amazon returns, you can’t purchase anything with the refunded money until they process the return fully, because in our case we paid with a gift card and we’re getting a gift card back.

As January came to a close and our trip approached we hurried and bought a Sony Alpha 7ii. Since we would be receiving the camera the day before we leave for our trip we sent it to my moms house and picked it up as we dropped Peanut off.

Now for the fun!!

Below you will find Justin and I’s first professional photos we’ve taken and edited. I’m truly in awe of how stunning these pictures are and can’t wait to cherish and look at them forever.

The mountains of Leicester, NC
Trying to be an Instagram model in Charlotte, NC
Misty morning up on the mountain just outside the cabin we stayed in.
Inside the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC that Justin took.
Product photo of Four Roses Bourbon I took during our road trip to NC
Really cool portrait I took of Justin and the mountains in Asheville, NC

As a noob photographer the Sony Alpha 7ii has been great. It is very easy to use and we have no complaints yet. As we get more advanced in our photography skills I’ll do a more formal review of all the dodads but for now if you’re an entry level photographer who wants to start with a very straight forward camera get you a Sony Alpha 7ii.

Comment down below which photo is you favorite and tell me if you think it was worth it for us to buy a professional camera!

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

– Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –

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