February 4th, 2019

Exactly a week ago I went to my eye specialist and found out my right eye (bad eye) had a pressure of 35. If you know anything about eyes you know this is bad.

A normal eye pressure should sit around 15 (+/- 5). Seeing as my right eye normally sits around 8 or 9… 35 is a huge leap.

Saturday the 26th of January I was in excruciating pain. my eyebrow felt like someone was stabbing me and as the night carried on it just kept getting worse. I didn’t think anything of it after my advil migraine kicked in and I fell asleep. If you’ve ever been in so much pain you sob then you know that the minute the pain is better you pass out because your body just can’t handle anymore.

I was told during my eye visit that I needed to start doing Cosopt (an eye drop) in my right eye twice a day. So now I am doing 15 eye drops a day just to treat the side effects of the rare disease Pars Planitis.

I take 3 pressure controlling drops and 1 steroid drop to keep my inflammation down. Funny part is the inflammation drop actually causes high pressure.

Follow me for a second……..

I take a steroid eye drop called Prenisolone and it is used to control inflammation or future flare ups of Pars Planitis.

Because I use Prenisolone my pressure increases and they have to give me pressure controlling drops so I can continue to use the steroid.

Hence why I take 3 pressure controlling drops (Alphagan, Cosopt, and Travatan).

So long story short, if research would be done and new medication would be found then I could potentially go from doing 15 drops a day to maybe 5 or less.

I start my drops at 8:00am sharp, if I don’t my eyes start hurting and turning red. I don’t finish my last drop until 9:00pm at the earliest and that’s because you need to allow time between drops so your eye can successfully absord each round! Not to mention I can’t do the same drop in a row.

Here is a screen shot of the medical journal I keep so I can remember which drops I’ve done and which I have left.

Oh yea and for all you makeup lovers out there… you guessed it, wearing makeup is for really special occasions only. 

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Remember always, “Your struggle is your strength”

 – Kaitlyn Ariel Corsiglia –